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We fund companies at all stages: you can use our platform to raise as little as $20,000. However, unless you plan to raise from only a circle of close friends, we recommend not to fundraise on Geuxpublic until you have some proof points that can convince investors you "get stuff done", and are not just a dreamer. While there are no requirements, we recommend at least one experienced investor or investment club that publicly endorses your company, and sets the terms of your fundraise. It also helps to have at least a working prototype, and ideally, a few paying customers. But before then, create a free profile, and start collecting followers and getting introduced to members within our investment clubs!


What kind of businesses can get funded on Geauxpublic?

We accept nearly any for-profit U.S. based Corporation or LLC, be it a brick and mortar restaurant or a high-tech software startup. We do not fund marijuana or porn.


Where does the money come from? What work do I have to do?

Geauxpublic has a number of registered investors across the America who love minority owned startups, and have invested millions of dollars in founders they don't know if Reg D offerings. However, your friends, customers, and local community will be your most enthusatic and valuable supporters. They’ll help spread the word to people they know, get the ball rolling, and provide the "social proof" that makes strangers be comfortable investing. The more work you do to get an initial "pop" on the first day of your campaign, the more successful it will be.


How long does it take to get the money?

It can take up to 5 days to create a beautiful fundraising presentation. Most campaigns last 60 days, and all funds are held in escrow until your round closes. We wire the funds to your corporate account within 7 days after your campaign ends. Every round must remain open for at least 21 days.


Do you group all investors into one shareholder?

If you are raising with Regulation D, we can group all of your small investors into one shareholder on your cap table using a Geuxpublic SPV. For Regulation Crowdfunding, we created a special Crowdfunding SAFE that proxies all voting power to a Lead Investor and the CEO. With both mechanisms, if you ever need a signature during your follow-on financing, you need to only deal with one person.


What investment contract and terms can I use?

We support raising funds with any security, such as a promissory note, convertible note, SAFE, revenue share, or priced stock. You can upload your own investment contract, or, if you'd rather not hire a lawyer to re-invent the wheel, use a contract from our library. We recommend agreeing on terms with an experienced investor before raising online.


How is this legal?

In 2012, a community of business leaders helped pass the JOBS Act, a new law that allows businesses to raise funding online. May 16th 2016 is the first day in over 80 years that it'll be legal for everyday Americans (not just the rich or banks) to invest in private companies


Does GeauxPublic or Minority Startups curate projects?

No. It's not our role to choose what is worthy of investment. We screen companies for signs of fraud, but we do not otherwise pass judgement.




How can my company be featured on the home page? !


Investment clubs are groups of industry experts who can choose to endorse companies. If your business gets endorsed by a club, it will appear higher in the sorting alogirthms on Wefunder, and be much more likely to be featured on the home page. After your create your profile on Wefunder, you can submit it to the relevant investment clubs.


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